20 Easy & Refreshing Summer Cocktails

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Summer is the perfect time to get out your cocktail shaker, your special glassware, and those little cocktail umbrellas.

As the weather heats up, you’ll want to have a cold drink in your hand. These are 20 of our favorite refreshing and easy summer cocktails that are not your typical gin and tonic.

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Easy summer cocktails

Fresh fruit is one of the best ways to jazz up your summer cocktails. Add anything from lemons to mangos and watermelon to make a fun, creative cocktail. All you need is a good blender, a cocktail shaker, and a serving glass.

Other Recipe Compilations to Try

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Summer Cocktails to Try

Raspberry Gin Fizz
This Raspberry Gin Fizz is a great cocktail for a summer holiday, like 4th of July or Labor Day. The colors are vibrant and you can make them in a large batch to serve at a barbecue.
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raspberry gin fizz
Limoncello Spritz
Get a taste of summer with our take on this classic Italian cocktail that uses sweet Limoncello as a substitute in the classic spritz.
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Limoncello spritz
Peach Mezcal Margarita
Sipping on a Peach Mezcal Margarita makes everything feel like summer.
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Peach mezcal margaritas
Mint Grapefruit Mimosa
This Mint Grapefruit Mimosa is an alternative to the classic version that we can definitely get behind. It’s tangy and fresh, and has just enough sweetness. Even non-grapefruit enthusiasts will love this drink.
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Mint grapefruit mimosa
Dark Cherry & Mint Gin Fizz
This fruity and refreshing beverage isn’t overly sweet thanks to the natural tartness of the cherries and fresh lime juice. A touch of honey adds just the right amount of sweetness to balance out the more tart flavors, while fresh mint adds a bright note to bring it all together.
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Dark Cherry & Mint Gin Fizz
Spicy La Piña Mezcal Cocktail
This spicy La Piña Mezcal cocktail blends together the sweet tropical flavors of pineapple with the spiciness of a jalapeno and the aromatics of fresh cilantro and smoky mezcal to make a stunner of a cocktail.
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Spicy La Piña Mezcal Cocktail
Spicy Watermelon Margarita
If you’re looking for a refreshing cocktail to enjoy this summer, a Spicy Watermelon Margarita is our new go to. This unique twist on a classic margarita combines the sweetness of fresh watermelon with the kick of spicy jalapeño peppers, creating a drink that’s both cooling and invigorating.
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Spicy watermelon margarita
Pink Grapefruit Martini
This light and refreshing Pink Grapefruit Martini is one of our favorite brunch cocktails. The fresh grapefruit and lime juice really make this cocktail sing.
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Pink grapefruit martini
Blueberry Basil Mezcal Cocktail
This Blueberry Basil Mezcal cocktail is a great way to blend the sweet flavor of blueberries with the smokiness of Mezcal and bit of brightness from basil and lime.
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Blueberry Basil Mezcal Cocktail
Agua de Valencia Cocktail
Similar to a mimosa but with an extra kick, this Agua de Valencia cocktail is not just reserved for brunch. It’s an all-day type of drink that you’ll absolutely love.
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Agua de Valencia
Pineapple Mojito
Add pineapple to your favorite classic mojito for one of the tastiest cocktails you’ll ever make.
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Pineapple mojito
Frozen Gin & Tonic That’s Perfect for Summer
Summer just got better with this frozen gin and tonic slush. In the heat of the summer this slush is a refreshing way to cool down and relax.
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Frozen gin and tonic
Frozen Mango Margarita
This delicious, refreshing margarita does not require any added sweetener thanks to a healthy dose of fresh (or frozen) mango. A small amount of fresh lime juice adds just the right amount of tanginess to balance out the sweeter flavors.
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Frozen mango margarita
Passion Fruit Mojito
This Passion Fruit Mojito is packed with fresh, vibrant fruit, lime, mint, sugar, rum and soda water: the perfect balance of flavors.
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Passionfruit mojito
Pineapple Rum Runner Cocktail
This Pineapple Rum Runner, with its rum, banana liqueur and pineapple juice, is a tropical drink that will have you imagining yourself sitting under palm trees on a beach somewhere.
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Pineapple rum runner
Cucumber Gin Lemonade
This Cucumber Gin Lemonade is a refreshing way to cool down on a long hot afternoon. For a little kick try adding some jalapeno slices to your glass.
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Cucumber gin lemonade
Aperol Spritz: Italy’s Famous Cocktail
An Aperol Spritz is an integral part of the Italian experience. Not only do you find this cocktail at every bar in Italy, it’s a beloved aperitif and refreshing summer drink that goes with everything.
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Pina Colada Recipe With Malibu Rum
Summer weather calls for a creamy Pina Colada recipe with Malibu rum. There’s no better way to enjoy summer than this creamy cocktail.
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Pina Colada with Malibu rum
Peach Bellini Cocktail
This Peach Bellini Cocktail is made with fresh peaches and when mixed with Prosecco is a delightful addition to your day. Bubbly and super refreshing this will be a sure fire hit for any occasion.
See the recipe

One More!

Here’s one more cocktail that we love with Mezcal. It’s one of our favorite go-to cocktails.

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Smoky Basil Oaxacan Mezcal Cocktail

The smoky mezcal in this Smoky Basil Oaxacan Mezcal Cocktail melds perfectly with the fresh basil and sweet agave to make one [...]

What You Need to Make Easy Summer Cocktails

It doesn’t take a lot of supplies to make these easy summer cocktails. You’ll need a cocktail shaker, plenty of ice, a good blender that can easily blend up ice, a cocktail stirrer, and some nice cocktail glasses to serve them in.

We like to pick whatever fruit is in season at the farmer’s market and make a version of these cocktails with the fruit we have. They are all very interchangeable for whatever happens to be in season.

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