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Jeannine at A Food Lover's Kitchen
Jeannine at A Food Lover’s Kitchen

Welcome to A Food Lover’s Kitchen. I’m Jeannine. To say I’m an avid home cook would be only part of the story. I was taught how to cook by my mother, and by making meals for my siblings growing up. As my skills developed in the kitchen, so did my desire to become more creative in the kitchen, which led me to explore different kitchen gadgets and appliances that can make the job easier and more fun to do. I don’t mind rolling out pasta by hand, but let’s be honest, a Kitchen Aid can do it so much faster and better! I love reading cookbooks and planning extravagant meals that I probably won’t ever make. There are less people to cook for now that my kids have grown and left the house.

I started this site, A Food Lover’s Kitchen, to pass along my love of cooking, learning new skills in the kitchen, and to help others make an informed decision on purchasing gadgets and appliances for the kitchen. My own kitchen is stocked full of great products that have proven to be both worth the investment and fun to use. We will also be cooking up the occasion recipe to share with you. We’ve got a lot of favorites!

If there’s something we haven’t written about that you’d like to see on the site, let us know!