The Best Battery-Operated Blenders for 2021

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There are many reasons for wanting to find the best battery-operated blenders. One of the most popular is to make smoothies and protein shakes on the go. If you’re looking for the best battery-operated blender, check out our list of tested and highly rated blenders.

We’ve chosen only the top products that can get the job done. There are a lot of options when it comes to battery operated blenders, some best suited to camping, some made solely for smoothies and shakes, and others even designed as a replacement for your wired kitchen blender.

We’ve put together this list of our the best battery operated blenders, and reviewed them all to see which comes out on top, and what they’re all best suited to.

Let’s take a deeper look at some of the inventive new styles of blenders, what they’re good for, and what they aren’t good for.

Portable Battery-Operated Blenders Compared

When we’re talking about portable blenders, we mean an all-in-one battery-powered device that’s easy to take anywhere. This means that the blender should be appropriately kitted out so that you can easily carry it around in one piece, whether you’re in the car or on top of a mountain.

These blenders usually come in an all-in-one form factor, where the blending chamber is attached to the motorized base and doubles as a drinking / decanting vessel.

They should also ideally be battery powered, with backup charging options such as a USB cable. Cordless blenders, on the other hand, are the upright, handheld style of blender (like the kind one would use to blend up soup in a pot) only without a power cable.

These are meant more for use in cooking compared to, say, making smoothies or butter – but this doesn’t mean they can’t. Ideally, like any good battery-operated blender, they should also have backup power options or a charging feature, if they’re worth their cost.

What to Look For in a Portable Battery-Operated Blender

Here are some of the main things to look for when shopping for a portable blender:

  • Charging / Battery Options
  • Cup Size
  • Blade Setup (e.g. If you’re blending nut butter you need something sturdy)
  • Dimensions and weight
  • Any attachments or extras included

While portable, battery-operated blenders are not super powerful, do-it-all blenders, they do get the job done. As long as your expectation are suited to the machine, you will be able to find a blender that works for what you need.

The biggest disappointment comes when the purchaser doesn’t know the blender’s limitations and tries to make it do what it can’t.

Blending hot liquids, larger fruits, chunks of ice and hard foods is just not something you can expect these little guys to do.

Cordless Battery-Operated Blenders Reviewed

These are the four best battery-operated blenders we could find. Two of them are in the portable style, whereas the other two are cordless handheld-style, better suited to kitchen use.

As you’ll see, we’ve listed some pros and cons of each blender, as well as a few standout bits of info about them, so that you can get an idea of their abilities at a glance.

PopBabies Personal Blender

*Our Favorite On-the-Go Cordless Battery-Powered Blender*

popbabies personal blender

The PopBabies personal blender is a convenient-to-carry and stylish portable blender that comes with a whole load of features, making it our overall favorite battery-powered blender.

It’s made up of two parts – a rechargeable base, and a cup-blender combo that sits on top. It comes in baby blue, pastel pink and white, and has a handy carry handle on the lid.

The rechargeable base comes with two batteries and can be charged via USB cable. It charges within an hour, and one charge will last around 7-10 uses, depending on how long you’re blending the ingredients. In case the power runs low at an inopportune time, you can use it while charging.

The included cup is a 16 oz vessel (or 14 oz for blending fruits and vegetables, as per their guidelines) with a four-leaf stainless steel blade, which can cut through soft or pulpy ingredients like it’s nothing.

It comes with a handy ice cube tray which makes ice blocks just the right size for blending so that you won’t encounter any stoppages or issues.

In addition, there’s a funnel included to make loading the cup a lot easier. This personal blender is best used for making smoothies or shakes on the go, but could just as easily be used to make dips like pesto or hummus, salad dressing or marinades, or even baby food.

This is a good quality, effective and portable blender and battery operated. So, if this is what you’re looking for in a blender, you’ve found the one for you.


  • Max. power: 175W
  • Motor: DC 7.4V, 22000 rpm±15%
  • Power supply: Lithium battery USB 5V
  • Blade material: 304 Stainless steel, 4 blades
  • Cup Size 17oz bottle size, 14 oz available volume
  • Dimensions: 3.2″ x 3.2″ x 10.2″
  • Weight: 1.3 lb
Good quality, effective and portableSmall blending volume
Detachable cup with a handleNot suitable for hot liquids
Comes with an ice tray and funnelFoods must be cut fairly small to blend
Powerful enough to blend ice 
Dishwasher safe 
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Kacsoo Personal Portable Glass Blender

*Best cordless glass blender*

If you don’t want to use a plastic blender for your smoothies, the Kacsoo glass portable blender is a great option. Even though it’s glass, it’s still very lightweight and portable because of its streamlined design.

It’s very convenient if you want to take it with you. The cup fits in most car cup holders, too. The glass jar is made of high borosilicate glass. It’s BPA free, non-toxic and baby food grade. You can confidently use it to make smoothies, milkshakes, fruit juice, baby food and salad dressings. As you can imagine, this is the most powerful blender available, but it’s powerful enough to blend frozen fruit and ice.

The machine has 4 blades that can blend small fruits and ice. It only takes 20 seconds to blend up a smoothie.

A single charge can last up to a week, depending on how often you use it. A single charge can manage about 13 blends. The battery is a rechargeable 5200-mAh lithium-ion battery. It will recharge in about 3-5 hours. Once it’s charged, there is a cut-power switch at the bottom that will prevent it from losing power in between charges.

The size of the jar is 15 oz. Of course, though you can only fill it 2/3 of the way, so expect about a 10-12 oz capacity. You must add liquid whenever you’re blending for it to work. The best feature is that it’s only 1.65 pounds so it can be taken anywhere easily, even on a plane trip.

To clean it, the best method is to add water and a small amount of soap and blend. This will clean all of the parts easily and quickly. Not all of the parts are removable, so you can’t individually clean each piece.


  • Max. power: 126W
  • Motor: DC 7.4V, 16500 rpm±15%
  • Power supply: 5200 mAh Lithium battery
  • Blade material: 304 Stainless steel, 4 blades
  • Cup Size 15oz bottle size, 12 oz available volume
  • Dimensions: 9.45″ x 3.07″ x 3.07″
  • Weight: 1.65 lb
Lightweight and portableSmall blending Volume
Glass jar – no plasticNot suitable for hot liquids
Powerful enough to blend small chunks of iceNot suitable for hard foods, like nuts or large pieces of ice
Holds a charge for up to 13 blendsOverfilling causes issues
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Oberly Portable Blender

*Smallest portable blender*

This personal blender is the smallest on our list at just 3″ x 3″ x 9″, and it’s very lightweight at just 1.3lb. If you’re looking for the most portable blender, this is the one.

The blender isn’t super powerful, but if you’re taking it on the go, you’re likely only planning to blend smoothies and protein shakes. For that, it’s very well suited.

It has 6 blades that help blend fruits so the drink ends up very smooth, as long as the pieces you put in are rather small.

One of the best features of this blender is the built-in safety feature that prevents it from overheating. One complaint with these small blenders is that they can smoke and ultimately break down if you tax the motor too much with hard foods and large pieces of ice.

The safety feature will prevent damage to the machine. As with the other blenders on this list, this one is also not suitable for hot liquids. Anything above 50 degrees should not be put in the blender, as it can cause damage to the seals.

The cup that comes with the blender holds about 17 oz. You can use it as a cup while still attached to the machine. And it’s easy to clean. When you’re done, just put some water in it and blend for 15 seconds.


  • Max. power: 175W
  • Motor: DC 7.4V, 22000 rpm±15%
  • Power supply: 2000 mAh USB 5V battery
  • Blade material: 304 Stainless steel, 6 blades
  • Cup Size 15oz bottle size, 12 oz available volume
  • Dimensions: 3 x 3 x 9″
  • Weight: 1.3 lb
Smallest form factor and weightSmall blending volume
Built-in safety feature prevents overheatingNot suitable for hot liquids
6 blades – more than mostNot suitable for hard foods, like nuts or large pieces of ice
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Ordergo USB Portable Blender

*Best USB-Powered Travel Blender*

The Ordergo Personal Blender is definitely for on-the-go use, mainly for juicing or small mixes, because it’s powered by USB cable. It comes in green or black in a two-piece, all-inclusive style.

The best part about this little blender is that it uses two small batteries which are charged via a USB cable (very handy if you’re away from a power source). It takes around an hour to charge, and one charge lasts for around 25 minutes of continuous use, or up to 20 blends.

The 14-oz cup part detaches from the base, if needed, but can also simply be left on the blender as one-piece. It’s got a bottle-like form factor with a little clip at the top and a flip top lid. You can easily carry it around or attach it to your rucksack or backpack.

The blender has six stainless steel blades for fine and smooth blending, as well as an anti-leak system to make sure nothing spills. In addition, when the blender is opened for decanting and cleaning, the blade mechanism is disabled for safety.

Now, this might not be the sturdiest of blenders, but it’s by far the most convenient. Thanks to its shape and size, it’s just right for making drinks on the go.


  • Max. power: 180W
  • Motor: DC 7.4V, 16000 rpm±15%
  • Power supply: 2×2000 mAh battery
  • Blade material: 304 Stainless steel, 8 blades
  • Cup Size 17oz bottle size, 14 oz available volume
  • Dimensions: 11″ x 3.8″ x 3.8″
  • Weight: 1.85 lb
Very portableSmall blending volume
Good battery lifeNot suitable for hot liquids
Durable, food-grade materialCan’t be used while recharging
USB rechargeableNot easy to clean
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In Conclusion

You should now be more than prepared to pick one of the blenders we’ve reviewed from the list here. If you’re still undecided, we’d recommend the PopBabies for a portable personal blender – it’s simple, easy and straightforward, and perfect your preparing your own little smoothies and shakes on the go.

As far as personal battery-operated blenders go, all four of these are fine options. You can’t go wrong with any of them, as long as you use it properly.

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