Bagel & Lox Sharing Board

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This Bagel & Lox Sharing Board is loaded with all the ingredients to make a perfect breakfast or brunch for a crowd.

Sharing boards are a fun way to present food at a family brunch. Rather than having everyone go into the kitchen to assemble their bagels, presenting all the options on a sharing board is way more fun.

bagel and lox board
Bagel & lox sharing board

Why not make your brunch super easy and fun with a beautiful platter that you can make with minimal effort.

This bagel & lox board might seem daunting to put together, because of all the choices, but believe me, it’s simple and quick and makes a big impact.

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How to Make a Bagel & Lox Sharing Board

The basic principle for making a beautiful board of any kind is to pile up all the good stuff. It’s that easy! You can add items you know that you and your guests will enjoy, mix and match, and definitely choose a variety of bagel options.

What Ingredients to Include

There are some typical ingredients that you’ll want to include on your Bagel & Lox board.

bagel and lox board
  • Bagels – this is the most important part fo the board. Make sure you source great bagels. We like to include sesame seed and plain bagels. Everything bagels are great too. You can serve the bagels in a separate basket placed near the board, if there isn’t enough room on the board itself.
  • Cream cheese – you can serve just plain cream cheese, or add a few flavors for variety. A veggie or dill spread are great.
  • Lox – be sure to source a quality lox that you can lay on the board in large slices. You’ll also want to provide small tongs to pick up the lox.
  • Capers – serve a small bowl of capers with a spoon.
  • Sliced or wedged lemons – you can use the lemons to spritz on top of the bagel, but mostly the lemons add a beautiful bright element to the board.
  • Cucumber slices
  • Red onion – break up the discs so just one ring can be added. A full slice is too overpowering for a bagel.
  • Sliced tomatoes
  • Sliced radishes
  • Fresh herbs – especially dill, but also include fresh basil and thyme.

This variety gives a lot of choices for what you can put onto your bagel. There’s something for everyone’s tastes on the board.

How to Display Your Platter

One of the most important parts is the board you put it on. It doesn’t have to be something elaborate or fancy, but the board really does elevate the display.

A large wooden cutting board is perfect for the display of your foods. Depending on how much food you want to include, it will need to be a sizeable platter to hold enough food.

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Most serving boards aren’t large enough to serve the bagels on the board with the rest of the ingredients, so you may also need a separate basket or plate on the side for the bagels. You can also stack them up in columns so they don’t take much room.

Make sure you’ve precut the bagels down the center so sharper cutting knives are not necessary.

You’ll also want to provide enough spreading knives for the cream cheese and serving utensils so no one has to use their fingers to pick up the ingredients.

bagels and lox

Refilling the board

The best part about a sharing board with multiple items is that it can be refilled quickly and easily. Prepare extra of each item and have it at the ready to refill empty spots in the board as they get eaten.


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